Intervention outside Petrou Ralli detention centre

On Friday 19/4 we organised an unannounced intervention outside the Detention Centre of Petrou Ralli (Athens). Approximately 50 comrades were gathered outside the building supporting the campaign to highlight Petrou Ralli not merely as a detention centre but rather as a central decision -making entity regarding the repression of migrants. We shouted chants for the closure of all prisons and the releasing of the detainees and received a vivid response on behalf of the detained migrants, who shouted back demanding (their) freedom. Speaking with them via a megaphone, they told us all about the living conditions inside Petrou Ralli as well as for the deportations that have taken place recently. Finally, we covered the walls with slogans and distributed informative texts to the passing cars and buses. After the intervention we filled the nearby streets with posters.

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Coordination of Collectives and Individuals against Detention Centres (SSAEKK)
Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Collectives