Together we live: Actions in solidarity with migrants

The weekend 23-24 May, various groups and individuals hanged a series of banners as a sign of solidarity with migrants targeted by the anti-immigration policies of the Greek state. These banners were hung in different neighborhoods of Athens, including Patisia, Kypseli, Petralona, ​​Gyzi, Philadelphia, Chalandri, Agia Paraskevi, Galatsi, Agios Eleftherios, Agios Nikolaos.

This coordinated action is a minimum response to the intensification of the anti-immigration war that is taking place in every part of the Greek territory. The pushbacks in the Aegean and Evros, the evictions of the migrant squats in the center of Athens, the quarantine-incarceration of thousands in camps under the pretext of the coronavirus, the defamation of migrant women in Kranidi, the police violence against any non-white person in the streets are daily manifestations of state-organized and socially diffused racism.

Μigrants do not remain inactive in face of this reality. They break the monologue of state violence and articulate their own resistances and refusals. The hunger strikes in the detention centers of Paranesti, Moria, Corinth, Glyfada and Peristeri police stations, the uprisings in Chios and Samos, the daily migrant marches in Lesvos, the denunciations from the prisoners in Petrou Ralli, the self-organization of migrants against evictions are moments of the struggle against exploitation, invisibility and death.

Nothing less than our undivided solidarity with immigrants and their struggles for life, freedom and dignity.






Banner at Patissia: Hands off of squats & migrants

From Marousi to Koukaki and from Exarchia to Kipseli and Patissia, the seeds of another world have already been sowed. A world against misery, exploitation, wage slavery, property and selfishness. And these seeds grow with blood instead of water, and with violence instead of sun. The more blood is spilled, the more fed are the seeds, and the more violence is used against the bodies of the damned ones, the more grown are the flowers of resistance. Every closed squat, every manhunt and beating against our bodies, makes us stubborn and more powerful.

On 23/12 we hung a banner at the basketball courts of Fitefti, in Kato Patissia neighbourhood, writing: “Hands off of squats & migrants – Antiauthoritarian, solidarian & self organized communities in every neighbourhood”.

assembly from around Ameriki’s square

Antinational intervention at Kato Patisia

At the dawn of 27th of October, a few hours before the traditional national anniversary (of 28th of October), and having spotted fascist presence on several walls of Kato Patisia, we went out and wrote antinational slogans, we hung banner and threw some flyers at the neighborhood. And because the national unity leads to many dead bodies, we choose to stand against every form of this hilarious imaginary construction.

As long as there are concentration camps and prisons, fascism and racism, “superior” and “inferior” ones, oppression and misery, there will be a constant, bitter and painful reminder that we are two different worlds, and we are two worlds in conflict.

No border, no nation
We are traitors of the national unity

Flyers: National is only the cannibals’ unity | Shit on the parades | No border, no nation | We are traitors of the national unity

Banner: National unity leads to many dead bodies

Shit on greece

It’s nice to see the flag burning

Combative antifascism everywhere

We are traitors of the national unity

Gallows coming for the fascist scum

We want migrants in our neighborhoods, we only have problem with the degraded racists

Shit on the nations | Shit on the parades

Nor parades, neither churches, let’s fight fascists and racists

National is only the cannibals’ unity

assembly from around Ameriki’s square

Writing for Zack K. / Zackie Oh! & Pavlos Fyssas

One of the previous nights we wrote slogans on some walls of Kypseli area, 1 year after the murder of Zack Kostopoulos / Zackie Oh! in Omonoia, and 6 years after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in Keratsini.

Rage & Anger for Zackie Oh & Fyssas

From Omonoia to Keratsini, Sluts and Antifa with Memory

Let’s not get used to death | Let’s not get used to horror

Even if there was a robbery in Omonoia, cops and bosses committed a murder

Zackie Oh, Pavlos Fyssas | We don’t forget, we don’t forgive

Zackie Oh, Pavlos Fyssas | We don’t forget, we don’t forgive

Pacified citizens, cops & nazis, all these scums murder together

assembly from around Ameriki’s square

Massive neighborhood postering about Petrou Ralli

On Saturday 8th of June, we made a massive postering at neighborhoods of Athens center, in the frame of the campaign for the pointing out of Petrou Ralli as a center of taking decisions about the migrants. Specifically, we started from Acharnon street and through a big route we finished at Kypseli area. During the route, we wrote slogans on the walls, gave texts and threw flyers. We also made some appropriate decoration on several spots of the route. The posters were in four languages.

The text in greek

Coordination of Collectives and Individuals against Detention Centres (SSAEKK)
Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Collectives

Intervention outside Petrou Ralli detention centre

On Friday 19/4 we organised an unannounced intervention outside the Detention Centre of Petrou Ralli (Athens). Approximately 50 comrades were gathered outside the building supporting the campaign to highlight Petrou Ralli not merely as a detention centre but rather as a central decision -making entity regarding the repression of migrants. We shouted chants for the closure of all prisons and the releasing of the detainees and received a vivid response on behalf of the detained migrants, who shouted back demanding (their) freedom. Speaking with them via a megaphone, they told us all about the living conditions inside Petrou Ralli as well as for the deportations that have taken place recently. Finally, we covered the walls with slogans and distributed informative texts to the passing cars and buses. After the intervention we filled the nearby streets with posters.

The text in greek

Coordination of Collectives and Individuals against Detention Centres (SSAEKK)
Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Collectives

Writing & stencil for the murder of Ebuka [26/02/2019]

Ebuka from Nigeria was killed at February 8, inside the police department of Omonoia, under the well-known “suspicious circumstances”. Ebuka was nor the first, neither the last person to leave his last breath inside this plumber. His name is one besides many others in the lists of the murdered by the bravery of the shit-cops. We nor forget, neither forgive.

At the evening of 26/2, after the demo that was called in Propilea about the state-murder, we painted with stencil and made a writing near Ameriki’s square, in the memory of Ebuka and against the authoritarian gloom that surrounds us.

Ebuka presente

Ebuka presente // Murdered at Omonoia’s police department

Omonoia’s police department murders

Omonoia’s police department murders

Let’s not leave the beast of oblivion and apathy to swallow anyone of the unseen and the damned of this world.


assembly from around Ameriki’s square

Antisexist action in Patisia [13/02/2019]

At noon of January 12, a female comrade was sexually harassed at the area of Kato Patisia, and more specifically at the ISAP station of Agios Nikolaos. While she was waiting for the train, she was aimed with lazer from a man that was living in a house opposite to the station, and when she answered with the classic gesture, the man started to masturbate. When she was picking her phone to record the incidence, he was closing the curtain of his balcony, and when the phone was down, the “show” was going on.

Such behaviors in the context of sexual harassment must not remain unanswered. So, a group of comrades from around the area attacked the house of the well-known jerk, at the corner of Ionias and Georgiadou street, writing slogans, throwing paint and flyers. Also many people were informed for the incident, and the next time we learn about something similar we will not stay only at painting. The jerk of the hood is already targeted, as his house, and he has better to hide his dick, otherwise he will look for it inside a trash bin.

Nor in the streets, neither in the public transport
neither in the working space
No one alone by herself!

assembly from around Ameriki’s square

Writing and call for the demo in solidarity with the persecuted street traders of ASOEE [22/01/2019]

At 20 and 21 of December 2018, the cops made an operation in Athens and Thessaloniki to repress the immigrants street traders, who try to survive selling their stuff outside the university of ASOEE and inside the university campus of APTh. In total, 36 people got arrested and persecuted, and also the cops stole all their stuff from their houses.

At 22/1/2019 we wrote slogans in solidarity with the street traders, in walls of Patision street and around Ameriki’s square. We also call for supporting of the solidarity demo that will take place at Friday 25/1, and is called at 6pm at Victoria’s square by the Self-organized Squat of ASOEE, the Anti-authoritarian Squat of Panteion, the Self-organized Squat of Polytechnic, and by solidarians.


Demo in solidarity with the immigrants street traders of ASOEE // 25/1, Victoria’s square

Solidarity with the immigrants street traders // Demo 25/1, Victoria’s square

Let’s fight against cops and fascists // Migrants welcome

Solidarity with the immigrants

Keep your hands off the immigrants street traders

Postering for the demo of 25/1

Degraded patriots (at E.PA.M. offices)

Degraded patriots // Antifa zone (at E.PA.M. offices)

The poster that calls for the demo of 25/1

assembly from around Ameriki’s square

Writing and banner on the murders of Eleni, Petrit and Aggeliki [13/01/2019]

Within a social dystopia that develops more and more violently, incidents of rapings, femicides, pogroms against migrants and racist murders couldn’t be absent. Recent examples are the femicide of Eleni Topaloudi, in Rhodes, by her rapists, and also the racist murder of the albanian worker Petrit Zifle, in Lefkimi, Corfu, by a greek nationalist. Furthermore, some days ago, in Corfu again, Aggeliki Petrou was found dead. Her murderer was her father, who thought that her relationship with an afghani migrant was a deadly sin.

The afore mentioned incidents were not in any case individual. They are parts of a brutal daily condition of the social war that we experience, and within this war we have chosen to stand against the oppression that comes from patriarchy, racism, state repression and the bosses.

At 13/1, we wrote slogans in albanian and greek and we hung a banner at Ameriki’s square.

Eleni, Petrit, Aggeliki: Murdered by the society of patriarchy and racism // We don’t forget, we don’t forgive

Aggeliki in Corfu was murdered by racism and patriarchy

Eleni in Rhodes was raped and murdered by toxic masculinity and gender violence

Petrit in Corfu was murderes by nationalism and the racist hatred

assembly from around Ameriki’s square