Intervention outside Petrou Ralli detention centre

On Friday 19/4 we organised an unannounced intervention outside the Detention Centre of Petrou Ralli (Athens). Approximately 50 comrades were gathered outside the building supporting the campaign to highlight Petrou Ralli not merely as a detention centre but rather as a central decision -making entity regarding the repression of migrants. We shouted chants for the closure of all prisons and the releasing of the detainees and received a vivid response on behalf of the detained migrants, who shouted back demanding (their) freedom. Speaking with them via a megaphone, they told us all about the living conditions inside Petrou Ralli as well as for the deportations that have taken place recently. Finally, we covered the walls with slogans and distributed informative texts to the passing cars and buses. After the intervention we filled the nearby streets with posters.

The text in greek

Coordination of Collectives and Individuals against Detention Centres (SSAEKK)
Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Collectives

Writing & stencil for the murder of Ebuka [26/02/2019]

Ebuka from Nigeria was killed at February 8, inside the police department of Omonoia, under the well-known “suspicious circumstances”. Ebuka was nor the first, neither the last person to leave his last breath inside this plumber. His name is one besides many others in the lists of the murdered by the bravery of the shit-cops. We nor forget, neither forgive.

At the evening of 26/2, after the demo that was called in Propilea about the state-murder, we painted with stencil and made a writing near Ameriki’s square, in the memory of Ebuka and against the authoritarian gloom that surrounds us.

Ebuka presente

Ebuka presente // Murdered at Omonoia’s police department

Omonoia’s police department murders

Omonoia’s police department murders

Let’s not leave the beast of oblivion and apathy to swallow anyone of the unseen and the damned of this world.


assembly from around Ameriki’s square

Antisexist action in Patisia [13/02/2019]

At noon of January 12, a female comrade was sexually harassed at the area of Kato Patisia, and more specifically at the ISAP station of Agios Nikolaos. While she was waiting for the train, she was aimed with lazer from a man that was living in a house opposite to the station, and when she answered with the classic gesture, the man started to masturbate. When she was picking her phone to record the incidence, he was closing the curtain of his balcony, and when the phone was down, the “show” was going on.

Such behaviors in the context of sexual harassment must not remain unanswered. So, a group of comrades from around the area attacked the house of the well-known jerk, at the corner of Ionias and Georgiadou street, writing slogans, throwing paint and flyers. Also many people were informed for the incident, and the next time we learn about something similar we will not stay only at painting. The jerk of the hood is already targeted, as his house, and he has better to hide his dick, otherwise he will look for it inside a trash bin.

Nor in the streets, neither in the public transport
neither in the working space
No one alone by herself!

assembly from around Ameriki’s square

Writing and call for the demo in solidarity with the persecuted street traders of ASOEE [22/01/2019]

At 20 and 21 of December 2018, the cops made an operation in Athens and Thessaloniki to repress the immigrants street traders, who try to survive selling their stuff outside the university of ASOEE and inside the university campus of APTh. In total, 36 people got arrested and persecuted, and also the cops stole all their stuff from their houses.

At 22/1/2019 we wrote slogans in solidarity with the street traders, in walls of Patision street and around Ameriki’s square. We also call for supporting of the solidarity demo that will take place at Friday 25/1, and is called at 6pm at Victoria’s square by the Self-organized Squat of ASOEE, the Anti-authoritarian Squat of Panteion, the Self-organized Squat of Polytechnic, and by solidarians.


Demo in solidarity with the immigrants street traders of ASOEE // 25/1, Victoria’s square

Solidarity with the immigrants street traders // Demo 25/1, Victoria’s square

Let’s fight against cops and fascists // Migrants welcome

Solidarity with the immigrants

Keep your hands off the immigrants street traders

Postering for the demo of 25/1

Degraded patriots (at E.PA.M. offices)

Degraded patriots // Antifa zone (at E.PA.M. offices)

The poster that calls for the demo of 25/1

assembly from around Ameriki’s square

Writing and banner on the murders of Eleni, Petrit and Aggeliki [13/01/2019]

Within a social dystopia that develops more and more violently, incidents of rapings, femicides, pogroms against migrants and racist murders couldn’t be absent. Recent examples are the femicide of Eleni Topaloudi, in Rhodes, by her rapists, and also the racist murder of the albanian worker Petrit Zifle, in Lefkimi, Corfu, by a greek nationalist. Furthermore, some days ago, in Corfu again, Aggeliki Petrou was found dead. Her murderer was her father, who thought that her relationship with an afghani migrant was a deadly sin.

The afore mentioned incidents were not in any case individual. They are parts of a brutal daily condition of the social war that we experience, and within this war we have chosen to stand against the oppression that comes from patriarchy, racism, state repression and the bosses.

At 13/1, we wrote slogans in albanian and greek and we hung a banner at Ameriki’s square.

Eleni, Petrit, Aggeliki: Murdered by the society of patriarchy and racism // We don’t forget, we don’t forgive

Aggeliki in Corfu was murdered by racism and patriarchy

Eleni in Rhodes was raped and murdered by toxic masculinity and gender violence

Petrit in Corfu was murderes by nationalism and the racist hatred

assembly from around Ameriki’s square

Once upon a time, after one (more) murder

Αbout the murder of Zack K. / Zackie Oh

The text in PDF format:
once upon a time, after one (more) murder

The poster in Greek and its content in English:

Each silence covers up the dogma of order, security and withdrawal.

Every gaze that turns away from the horrific sight of killing gives rise to the life-managing assignment on each expert.

Every memory that forgets the dead bodies of the oppressed people builds up the oblivion of the numb routine, the precedent of death and shocker.

Zackie Oh / Zack Kostopoulos
was murdered from the gutter of the state and capitalism,
of law and property,
of homophobia and trans-phobia,
of toxic/drug-phobia,
of racism and social exclusion.

She / He was murdered by the privileged and normal,
the visible and uncontaminated,
the simple everyday passengers of this world.

Zack was gay, drag queen, HIV positive, activist and member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

We keep her/his memory alive through our battles against the violent present,
through our individual and collective struggles,
through the social and class war that is going on.

The text in English:

once upon a time, after one (more) murder
(about the murder of Zack K. / Zackie Oh)

Noon of the 21st of September 2018, Omonia, Di Angelo jewelery shop, Gladstonos 2 street. A crowd of reputable citizens with Evaggelos Dimopoulos (owner of the jewelery shop), Dimitris Hortarias (owner of a nearby real-estate agency and press representative of the National Front), and snitches from DIAS police forces as front-men, murders. And it murders a person armed with knife or with a piece of glass. It murders a “thief”, a “robber”, an “expropriator”. It murders a “drug-addict”, one of the “filthy” people of this world. This person, trapped in the jewelery shop, tries to get out from the glass partition. That “scared” crowd is waiting for this person there, with the afore-mentioned front-men lynching it over the broken glasses until death. The cops came to finish off the issue with their glops. They give orders and put handcuffs to its unconscious body. Its death has already been found out during its transportation to the hospital.

no name, no life…

A primary narrative is produced on the face of the unknown -until then- person. Journalists and the media extrapolated the conclusion: Robber. Drug-addict. Armed and dangerous. What the stakes are? The property, the bourgeois normativity, the purity and the physical integrity of the greek house-holder, the defense of all the afore-mentioned on any cost. Thus, from the one hand the profile of a social otherness is created, and from the other hand there is an attempt of covering up and justifying the “self-defence” and the “self-redress” of the murderers.

The murdered is named “offender”, and the broken glasses “weapons” on his hands. The tragic irony of the case: The only blood that fell on the pavement was his blood, the blood of the “offender”, of the “armed”, of the “dangerous”. From the other hand the murderers -in other words the bosses and the cops- trouble-freely raise the bloody glasses from the floor and give cold-blooded statements to the sensation-hungry TV panels. Actually, according to them, nothing special happened, or -even better- “it happened what was needed to happen”. They know that the death of a “drug-addict who went to steal” isn’t considered as death in the conscience of a majority part of the greek society, as his life by itself isn’t considered as life. The phrase “I would do the same”, literally became the corpse in the mouth of all those who chose to morally launder the murderers.

The capitalistic fragmentation, the rampant individualization and the cynicism outlined in detail the barbarity of the times in which we live/survive.

… when the “offender” acquires name and identity

After a few days, the identification of the -unknown until then- “offender” is brought to the light: Zack Kostopoulos, Zackie Oh!, gay, drag queen, HIV positive, activist and member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Identities that, in the conscience of the most conservative to the most “progressive” parts of the greek class society, remain hateful and odious, as the poison of homophobia and transphobia, of toxic/drug-phobia, of racism and social exclusion is flowing at big amounts in the veins of the visible and uncontaminated people-next-door.

Suddenly, the indictment that condemned her/him was enriched with new adjectives-bullets from the social firing squad which drives to the wall and executes in cold blood every person that doesn’t fulfill the orders and the criteria of every authoritarian normativity. The gender and more widely social identities of Zackie are viewed as a spectacle, as check-boxes in several gallops so as to chose “who we would not like to have as neighbors”, next to the properties of the person of another faith and the foreigner. The viewers vote, the TV viewing figures are rising, the spectacle plays fast and loose with the corpses.

social peace is built on dead bodies

Once again, the state does its job very well and methodically. As always, it utilizes strategies of counter-insurrection and management of fore-coming social resistance. It seeks to protect and perpetuate all these normativities for which it is responsible: the smooth flow of the capital, the sanctity of property (whatever the size), the lifestyle of the reputable house-holder, of the moderate workaholic, of the obedient and attached to the law and the state citizen, and also its own political existence and power.

All the above mentioned constitute a social peace, that the state is called to ensure with as little inconvenience as possible. A wide and effective mechanism of covering up is activated for this purpose. A mechanism consisting of cops, judicial officials, forensic scientists, lawyers, and other (paid or not) executioners, who find a breeding ground at the reassured consciences of the virtuous civilians. Of every silent and passive passenger. Of all those who were in position and able to react to the sight of Zack’s lynching, but, on the contrary, chose to remain idle, waiting for the cops or being afraid for their private security: “Avoiding to get mixed up on dangerous stuff”. Of all those accomplices who shouted: “It serves him right”.

Each silence covers up the dogma of order, security and withdrawal. Every gaze that turns away from the horrific sight of killing gives rise to the life-managing assignment on each expert. Every memory that forgets the dead bodies of the oppressed people builds up the oblivion of the numb routine, the precedent of death and shocker.

everything is going on

Some time after Zackie’s murder, the brutal reality flows similarly murderously. Hollowly, but constantly. And in fact it never stopped: Murders of immigrants at the borders and the seas, legal hostages of the class-oppressed, abusive gazes, comments and touchings from macho-men against feminines, thrashing and strong-arm tactics against “freaks”, drug users and every existence that is divergent to the normative gender standards, the dead time of producing, the reproducing of authorities on the “micro”levels of our social existence, every “small” and invisible death, every “small” daily suffering; all the above mentioned continue to happen without any interference, without being a pole of riots. And they will, as soon as a name and an image are needed to “decorate” a death. Moreover, in a small period of time, the greek society armed once again the hand of a fascist in Corfu, leading to the murder of the albanian worker Petrit Zifle, while in Rhodes the patriarchal perceptions and the rape culture supported the murder of Eleni.

We refuse to accept the role of the history spectator. We collectivize our resistance against the violent present. Let’s not get used in pain and death.


assembly from around Ameriki’s square

Intervention at schools in Patisia for the macedonian issue [02/12/2018]

In 2-12 we made an intervention at schools in Patisia regarding the recent (nationalist) squats for the macedonian issue.
We hung banners and threw flyers.

The squats for the macedonian (issue) stink fascism

Smash the classmates that are nationalists

The greek ideals build cemeteries // To hell the family – the homeland – the religion

These days are for Alexis // Smash the classmates that are nationalists // The squats for the macedonian (issue) stink fascism

The squats for the macedonian (issue) stink fascism

In every neighbourhood there is Antifa

No tolerance with the nationalists demos-squats.
The street is ours. Let’s _ every form of fascism from our lives.

assembly from around Ameriki’s square